Calcium And Iron Supplements For Women

The needs of women's bodies also change with increasing age, they require specific nutrients. But with increasing age, women's diets are more likely to lack nutrients, including vitamin B-12, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, calcium, iron and zinc. But there is no need to worry as women can meet their nutritional needs by including some vitamins and minerals in their diet. There are certain essential vitamins and minerals for women of 35 years of age.

Generally as women age, the energy requirement in the body decreases and protein requirements increase. Most of the physical activity reduces the energy requirement and with age, the energy requirement decreases due to the decrease in muscle mass. The basal metabolic rate also decreases. But, the need for other nutrients increases.

Deficiency of iron and calcium has become a common thing nowadays and due to these people become victims of diseases like anemia, bone weakness, fatigue and osteoporosis. Although, we can avoid these diseases by including things rich in iron and calcium in our diet, eating these foods only once at a time is not enough and for this many people also resort to supplements.

Iron Deficiency

Iron is stored in the duodenum (a part of the small intestine) of our body and from there cells called enterocytes work to carry them into the bloodstream. Whereas the body does not get the full amount of iron from what we eat, that is why there is a deficiency of iron in our body.

The second main reason for iron deficiency is the lack of iron-rich things in our diet. Due to excessive deficiency of iron levels in the body, we become victims of anemia, which can be easily identified by fatigue, muscle cramps, or withered face. Iron supplements help to a great extent in making up for this deficiency, but there are many factors that affect its absorption.

Calcium Deficiency

Calcium deficiency is also found in many nowadays, while it is a very important element for our body, weakening of bones, early fractures and fatigue are its main symptoms.

Calcium supplements are easily available in the market and often people start taking them on their own without consulting a doctor. Calcium interferes with the absorption of iron, but to what extent and how it inhibits iron absorption in the intestine is still unknown.

How to increase iron absorption?

When doctors give us iron supplements, they ask us to take vitamin C along with it. Vitamin C helps in increasing the amount of iron in our body by preventing the conversion of iron into insoluble and unabsorbed iron compounds. Vitamin C also converts iron into the ferrous form of iron state, which is a necessary condition for the absorption of iron in cells.

Benefits of Iron Supplement

What to do if there is a deficiency of both calcium and iron together?

Iron supplements should never be taken with food, either one hour before or two hours after eating. Calcium supplements should be taken at a fixed time only. If you have decided that you will take it after breakfast, then take it every day at the same time.

Calcium and iron are helpful in keeping the bones of our body strong and preventing blood loss in the body.

Food nutrition for calcium and iron deficiency

Some ingredients, with the help of which tasty food containing calcium and iron can be prepared-

  • Spinach, fenugreek, and other green leafy vegetables contain a sufficient amount of iron, so your body can digest them well, so add potatoes and tomatoes to these vegetables, this will make the vegetables tasty.
  • Sesame is very beneficial for health, mix it in salad or roti or sprinkle a handful of sesame in the food, it will enhance the taste of the food.
  • If you want to consume calcium and iron in a delicious way, then consume the juice of sesame, dried peach, and plum.
  • Cabbage is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, folate, and fiber, as well as a major source of iron, it can be consumed as a vegetable or salad. It removes iron deficiency.

  • Diet rich in calcium and iron

  • Dried peaches fulfill the requirement of nine percent iron required by your body daily, so definitely consume it.
  • Like other nuts, raisins are rich in iron, it can be eaten by adding a handful to curd, salad, porridge.
  • Plum juice is an important source of iron, the vitamin C present in it helps in fulfilling the iron deficiency in your body. Therefore, take a glass of plum juice with food.
  • Sun-dried tomatoes are also rich in iron, you can eat it by adding it to omelets, pasta, sandwiches, or salads.

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